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How do I integrate BuddyPress?

  • aubreyw


    I’m hosting with Bluehost. I easily did the one click installation to add WordPress, but now I can’t figure out how to get BuddyPress. The instructions on the BuddyPress website are as follows:

    * Download and install WordPress.
    * Head to your “Plugins → Add New” menu in wp-admin. Search and install ‘BuddyPress’.
    * Make sure you have pretty permalinks enabled on your WordPress install.
    * Activate BuddyPress. You will be redirected to the BuddyPress Welcome screen.

    I found BuddyPress in the WP plugins area, but it only downloads to my hard drive. I dont know anything about using FTP, so I was hoping to do this the easy way, but I don’t see anything that says “Activate BuddyPress” I’m totally confused. How do I get BuddyPress integrated with my WordPress?

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  • modemlooper


    in the admin, visit plugins, click add new, search “BuddyPress”, install then activate.



    Modemlooper, thanks, but as I mentioned, I think that’s what I’ve been trying, exactly the way the BuddyPress instructions are written. But when I do that, BuddyPress is only downloading to my own hard drive – not to my WordPress account or Bluehost, or wherever it’s supposed to download to (I really don’t know). A little more detail would help. I’m seriously a WordPress/BuddyPress beginner. 🙂



    You need to find some tutorials on adding plugins to wordpress.

    Can you get to the Dashboard in your installation? It should have the URL of

    From the Dashboard are you able to get to Plugins? If so then click on Add New and BuddyPress will be displayed (if not enter BuddyPress into the search, once you see BuddyPress then you can click on Install and then Activate.



    Try another browser, the zip from .org should not download to local. It could also be an issue if you installed BuddyPress from a one click installer. They sometimes create bad folder permissions.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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