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How do I know if I\'m editing the correct files?

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    I have a few issues. Most of these are due to currently not being able to tell whether I’m editing the correct php files… There must be a way of debugging this considering I do not have direct access to the web server other than by FTP?

    1. On my website, I need a login page that you need to login via before you can visit the rest of the site. I don’t want to use wp-login since I need other html to be on this page… I also need a blog that displays recent blog entries, and a Network Home which shows site wide activity (also, a couple of other pages, but these there are no issues with)

    Depending on whether in the settings page I pick the posts page as the homepage or I make the homepage a static page (Login) and pick a Blogs page to be the recent posts page, I get different issues. With the former Network Home seems to be displaying for the root page (index.php?) of the site rather than the Login, but everything else is correct… With the latter the root page (index.php?) of the site displays the Login, but the /blog/ section of the site does not display the blog. Rather than showing recent posts, it shows a list of ‘pages’.

    So yeah, perhaps this means the template files that I’ve been using do not have the correct html inside them? However, it is not obvious how a web address points to a particular template. How do I set this up? How do I know I’m editing the correct files?

    2. My other problem is that I can’t seem to override the core buddypress functionality. I placed code inside /plugins/bp-custom.php

    That looked something like:


    function my_alter_bp_adminbar(){

    remove_action(‘bp_adminbar_menus’, ‘bp_adminbar_account_menu’, 4);




    I would have expected this to remove the Account drop-down, but yet nothing happens. (In the long-run I want to replace this, but was just testing this…)

    It’s driving me crazy… :/

    <b>edit:</b> Hopefully I’m explaining this okay. I can answer any questions you have if you make them. C:

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    You only need FTP?

    Anyway, the first problem can be easily solved by making your own login form on some page.

    Why bp-custom, try placing it in your theme’s functions.php file.

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