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How Do I Search on this Forum? Bouncing me to ……

  • Brian Bowman


    When I try to use the search box just below the red navigational bar at the top right corner of this forum’s page..and enter in ANYTHING, i always get bounced to the URL

    What am I doing wrong here? Would like to be able to search for certain forum topics/threads with keywords, but not happening. Much thanks,


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  • peeld


    I’ve had this issue for some time now – they’ve told me they’re working on it, but my posts on the topic typically get deleted ;)

    Brian Bowman


    OK, so the search functionality doesn’t work then. Bummer. Kinda hard to look for other posts (and thereby eliminate redundant posts) w/out that ability. Hmmm…. Anyhow, thats @peeld.



    @topracer @peeld

    Search on has never worked properly and probably never will work properly. This is because proper, natural-language search is a hard problem that the developers behind WordPress and Buddypress don’t have any experience with.

    The most efficient way to search is to go to Google and type in

    “ whatever you’re searching for”


    Brian Bowman


    Wow. I’ve been using the google approach, but just assumed that their search functionality had to work. Virtually every CMS site I look at has a search box on it. If it truly is a element that can’t be fixed….what about integrating at least a Google search box on the site. Hmmm.

    Thanks @foxly for the update.

    Google sucks for searching this forum……… Takes me hours to solve issues on my own

    Tim Hyde


    agree, this forum is next to useless without a proper search function.

    There’s not much point in digging up a three month old topic, with a post like that. Closing thread.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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