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How do I show topics started in my profile from network bbPress sites?

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    I am using bbPress and buddypress on my multisite install which is causing a small problem.

    When I am on a sub-domain site using bbPress and I click on my profile tab, this takes me back to the primary website buddypress profile panel.

    This panel shows me as having no topics created even though I have hundreds of topics created on the sub-domain that I was coming from.

    How do I add my topics and replies list from the sub-domain site to my profile?

    Same goes for favorites and subscribed threads.

    Because buddypress is taking control over my user profile page when clicking a link in the forums, I completely loose my ability to manage my topics and replies and favorites and subscrptions.

    If I click my profile link from a forum page, do not take me to the buddypress profile page, but rather let me see my normal bbpress profile page.
    aggregate all of my topics, replies, favorites, and subscriptions within my buddypress profile page.

    Either one is fine with me, I just need one of the solutions to work. As it is now, nothing works.

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    bumping it up.

    At the very least is there a way of tuning off the buddypress profile when on subdomain sites so that i can use the built in bbpress 2x profile template?

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