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How do I use an external version of bbPress with BuddyPress?

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  • dainismichel


    I did the external install. I set all the keys to the WPMU install’s keys. I pointed bb-config.php to the external install…and BuddyPress displayed no posts and no groups…so that’s good.

    Now, however, I need to figure out how to display posts and groups and stuff…



    OK, looks like I’m just struggling with some path stuff.

    I hard coded the link to the forums in my member theme.

    my bbpress install is at

    bp-forums-bbpress.php says:

    define( 'BB_PATH', BP_PLUGIN_DIR . '/bp-forums/bbpress/' );
    define( 'BACKPRESS_PATH', BP_PLUGIN_DIR . '/bp-forums/bbpress/bb-includes/backpress/' );
    define( 'BB_URL', BP_PLUGIN_URL . '/bp-forums/bbpress/' );

    …and I tried ../../../bbpress which gave me an error

    so I also tried ../../bbpress and ../bbpress

    where the code has /bp-forums/bbpress/

    The error was

    No such file or directory in /wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-forums/bp-forums-bbpress.php on line 20

    I tried placing your code into bp-forums.php



    and index.php of bp-default/forums.

    Again, it seems like we’re super close and a paid Skype call would set me right up. If you want to help without payment, that’s fine too…

    If folks can contribute to this solution, that would be greatly appreciated.





    So, if folks are confused about what I’m looking to do, I’d just like to display “forum topics/forum categories” within BuddyPress.

    I’ve been instructed to create an external install of bbPress, which I have done, I even pointed BuddyPress to that directory, however, I need the appropriate code to get

    “forum topics/forum categories”

    to display.

    Can you help?




    Use the bbPress admin backend to create your forum categories.


    Please do not bump several-related posts in order to get a response.



    r-a-y, i started with that 2 months ago. Honestly, I’m frustrated. It seems like I can’t even throw money at this issue. I have an elance job post and the folks who’ve replied can’t do what I’m asking…I’ve posted that I’m willing to pay for this answer here at…and no one has responded…and has the forum categories working here…and to date has not shared the procedure and code that could allow users to do the same.

    I’ve been trying to release a basic install of BuddyPress that works like for one year. I have 19 years experience as a technical writer (albeit off and on), and I’ve offered to help BuddyPress with documentation in exchange for assistance. I’ve offered to make videos, and yes, I’ve posted in more than one thread. I’m a proficient “hack,” so to speak, and am happy to mess with code, however, I’m not a programmer and I just don’t understand the back end of BuddyPress the way you do…

    ..can you expain why you haven’t shared the code? Or rather, can you just share the code? I mean, asking me not to bump several posts…after months of my effort in trying to do something most likely so simple that it’s just figuring out a file path and the right file in which to call a particular function…which is really hard for me to figure out…but most likely you and several readers of this post

    know how to do and are just not sharing

    …is just frustrating…

    can you relate?

    I mean, I’ve been at this for a year and what I’ve wanted is:

    1) a BuddyPress install that works like, which means:

    1.1) the forum works the way the forum works

    1.2) the look and feel is consistent for the main and user blogs

    So, maybe I’m wrong, maybe this isn’t easy for you…maybe you don’t have access to the code…or there is something else going on…but geeze can you relate at all to how frustrating it is to be sitting here, and, my assumption (which could be wrong) is that all you’d need to do is share a few PHP files and some quick instructions, and I’d be off and running…

    …and a few other folks have gotten in touch with me with a) willingness to split the costs of figuring this out b) asking me to get in touch with them when and if I do wind up receiving an answer.

    …so those folks might be shy about coming out with their desires, because they don’t want to be treated harshly.

    …and frankly, how am I supposed to feel with you posting

    “Use the bbPress admin backend to create your forum categories.


    …yeah…ha ha…like I wasn’t back there 2 months ago…you know…it’s hard not to get sarcastic and just say “thanks for not helping” you know?

    …honestly, how do you expect me to take your reply?

    I mean, are you guys going to share the code and procedure for creating what could be called “Main themes” “Forum Categories” or “Sub Boards”

    and not just creating them in the backend, because that is really easy…

    …are you going to share the code and procedure for creating and displaying them or not?

    It’s hard for me not to be upset about this issue…because it’s been so incredibly long…and I just feel like the developers, for whom this is likely a super easy issue, are really just “code hogging,” which frankly, I find simply mean. Especially when I’ve sincerely offered to create documentation in exchange for help…and I’m a documentation professional…so I’m not talking about slacker beginner docs.

    So really, can you give me a straight up yes or no? Cuz this issue is really tiring, and I don’t feel like beating a dead horse anymore…

    …if you won’t reveal the procedure and code, please explain why.

    …if you won’t reveal the procedure and code, please help me figure out where i can get the answers to these issues either at a developer forum or in a paid coding community… i mean, is wpmu dev the right place where people would share both code and a procedure so that folks can move forward instead of going round and round in circles?

    It would really help if you could clear these issues up, cuz it’s also tiring for me to continue expecting to receive help (in a positive environment), and well, I just might be wrong about my expectations for help and I might be wrong about what this forum offers.

    I just figured you’d be willing to share the code and a procedure.

    …ok…enough circling around the same issue…it’s clear what I need, what I want to do, what I’ve offered repeatedly to get it…so I’ll look forward to any replies this post receives and any assistance I can get in displaying forum categories.



    It’s not a code thing, Dainismichel.

    If it was a code thing I would have posted it.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… an external install of bbPress (which is what you want) has absolutely nothing to do with the BuddyPress admin area. It’s between WordPress and bbPress.

    Numerous others (me included) have given you the correct procedural steps to integrate an external install of bbPress. Furthermore, lots of people have come into these forums and have successfully integrated an external bbPress install properly. You’re basically looking at the instructions and interpreting them differently.

    Granted, as we’re not all technical writers like you are, our instructions might not be as clear as you want them to be, however we are trying our best!

    Without hand-holding, we can’t physically do this for you.

    Jeff Sayre


    As r-a-y just pointed out, it is called an external install of bbPress because it is external to BuddyPress. So, there is no secret BP code to make it work. You need to integrate bbPress into WordPress.

    Once that is successfully accomplished, you then place a link to your separate, external forums within your BuddyPress site. Now, if you want to make your bbPress site look as if it is part of BP, then you have to theme your bbPress to look like the BuddyPress theme you are using.

    That is all that was done on the site–an external install of bbPress with a theme that matches that of the current site theme so that the two appear integrated. In reality, bbPress is not integrated with BuddyPress at all. The bbPress theme does need a function call or two to make the BP menus work within bbPress, but that is covered in a number of other threads.

    Have you seen this thread? Perhaps this will provide more insight on how to integrate bbPress into WordPress:



    “In reality, bbPress is not integrated with BuddyPress at all.” ahhh…heads around the world stop spinning. thanks for that. basically, it’s a a bbPress install themed to look like the theme you are using at BuddyPress. Two completely separate pieces of software.

    Now, there are instructions available so that when you log into BuddyPress, you wind up logging into bbPress at the same time. Those are pretty easy to follow.

    The path I was going down was: OK, now I have this “external install,” what code do I put into which BuddyPress php file to display the bbPress forum within my BuddyPress install (and theme). Now maybe someone will do that later, but that’s not how it is now.

    For now, we’re waiting on gerikg and Arturo over here:

Viewing 8 replies - 26 through 33 (of 33 total)
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