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How do I use buddypress?

  • For my blog I have my own domain name, then uploaded the wordpress suite to my host and cconfigured accordingly. Does Buddypress work the same? Do I require a specific domain?

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  • Buddypress runs as a plugin of a WordPress install, either WP single or WPMU / WP MS(WP 3.0)

    If you have your WordPress install up and running then you need to upload or install via dashboard the BP plugin and activate, no further domain issues unless you have decided to run user blogs then you have considerations such as sub domains for the user blogs or sub directories and possible DNS issues if you want to use sub domains.



    Just to add to this, if you’re using a custom WP theme and you want to add BuddyPress functionality, then you’ll need to use the BP Template Pack plugin:

    If you’re used to customizing themes, then you’ll feel right at home with BP templates and custom loops. Check out the codex for more info.

    What hnla is talking about is if you’re using WP 3.0 and you want to add user blogs, you’ll need to add network functionality. Read this post by Pete Mall for more info:

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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