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How do I??

  • jayhova4x4


    I have both BBPress and Buddy press installed on my site. What I want to do is arrange forums where the forum is only visible to members of that forum. I would also (in a perfect world) like to arrange it so that subsets are members of their supersets but not the reverse. Example: I have a forum called “collaborators”. In this group I have artists, writers, editors and testers plus people only in the collaborators group. All of the subgroups would have their own private forum and would automatic be in the parent forum however artists would not have access to the writers forum. Again, in a perfect world I would like when a user logs in he can access the forums to which he is a member from the nav menu but he would not see forums he is not a member of.

    Is this doable? Even remotely?

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  • Muhammad Kashif


    you mean to see forums from groups the user is member of ?



    Yes, That is to say members of a specific group have full access to forums that that group has privileges to. If a forum is a child forum any group that has access to the child has access to the parent and the parent’s parent etc. Forums to which a user does not have access might be either private or hidden.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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