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how do you Add an existing blog To a new user?

  • sayze35


    I have WP 3.1 (multisite) and latest buddypress.. i have 800 blogs on the site.
    note: BP is only on the main site blog (ie. i don’t have BP for each blog site)

    1st) i understand that the new user needs the correct Role. By default, the new user was a ‘subscriber’….
    this page is missing some roles :(

    what is a Member Role? there are 4 others not mentioned?

    2) Also by default, after I changed new user to a ‘member role’, the main site blog was added to the new member’s profile

    3) So how can I add a specific blog to a new user? I would LOVE to make this happen:
    a) upon registration, the user selects the blog they want to be associated with and
    select a group to be associated with.
    b) that happens automatically.
    c) what would be even better —- if a visitor is on blog XYZ on my site and then decides to become member and join… by default they are associated to XYZ blog and XYZ group.

    4) can anyone shed light on the concept of using the WP control panel (login to WP) vs. using the BP control panel (or the user admin menu/options/etc)

    does a user use both?


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