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How do you edit the default theme

  • Jeff VanDrimmelen


    I hope you’ll pardon the newbie question. I am new to buddypress and was surprised to see there are no template files in the default theme after I activated it. I would like to customize the default theme.

    I found this doc on “Where are the template files” that says to just copy from the “bp-sn-parent” theme and put it into your template (bp-default in my case) and it should pull from the new theme, but I am not seeing that.

    Am I missing something here? Thanks for any guidance you can provide for editing the default theme

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  • roam2rome


    I customized the default theme to fit my own by activating the “custom.css” file, which I read instructions on how to do somewhere here… and my theme looks *nothing* like the default theme now.

    Of course, it’s quite a bit more complicated than that, but it’s a good starting point.



    If you totally want to restyle the buddypress theme then you should indeed just copy the bp-sn-parent folder, give the copy a new name and start editing that. Though, it’s recommended that if you just want small changes, to build a child theme.

    You can find a guide here on building child themes.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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