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How does the activity stream work?

  • I am wondering how the activity stream works.

    I am developing a buddypress website and doing lots of testing and database work. I noticed that if I change the wording of an action that has already been posted to the stream in the wp_bp_activity table, it takes on average 1 – 3 minutes to reflect on my website.

    I also notice it takes 1 – 3 minutes for some actions to be posted to the stream, however, sometimes the changes are shown immediately. The same can be said for when I delete an activity from the stream, it will stay there for a few minutes before it actually gets deleted.

    So I guess my question(s) are:
    1. Is the activity stream cached somewhere?
    2. Could it be the VPS I am using is not good enough? (The website is only in development mode with 1-3 people on it at most!)
    3. Is there a way to speed up the ‘updating’ of the activity stream?

    Just to make sure, I do clear my browser cache / cookies but that does not make a difference.

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  • I think I resolved this issue.

    I believe it was a combination of a caching plugin and an activity stream plugin that caused the issue. After disabling them, the stream is updated quickly.

    @mcarrano Hi Mcarrano I think you might have the answer to my question. If I were to create and additional table called post_type in wp_bp_activity and only use value 1 and 2 do you think this is the location where all activity posts gets updated?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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