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How get vertical secundary menú (submenú)

  • giuseppecuttone


    In my web MAIN MENÚ and SECUNARY MENÚ (sub menú) are showed in horizontal way and it can generate confusion…
    I show it in the follow picture:
    I’d like to show MAIN MENÚ in horizontal way, but SECUNDARY MENÚ (sub menú) in a vertical way, just like in webpage.
    I show it in the follow picture:
    I added to my web the NOUVEAU TEMPLATE, and I thought it will resolve that. But it was not so… NOUVEAU improves a lot of things. It is beatifull, congratulation 🙂 but it not improve the way to show MAIN and SECUNDARY MENÚ.
    I think a good way, more clear and intuitive, is to show:
    MAIN MENÚ in hoizontal way
    SECUNDARY MENÚ in vertical way
    Can someone help me to understand how to have that?
    Maybe in the next version of nouveau template we can have that?
    Or maybe I only will have that using CSS? (In this last case, can someone provide CSS of webpage? Or some CSS that can help me?)
    I know some people like the follow are working in NOUVEAU TEMPLATE




    But maybe also some others people can help me…
    Thanks for your support.

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