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How make (required) turn to * in red color for custom fields

  • 3T_MJ


    the xprofile fields are driving me crazy.

    I am about to adapt the register page to me needs.

    I do want the text “(required)” getting replaced by “*” and star should be styled in red color.

    Unfortunately the (Required) doesn’t have an own css class. I added a span tag with css class to the basic fields in register.php but I don’t find where to do this for the xprofile fields.

    It also doesn’t work if I try to add the css class in the language file, it gets displayed as plain text then.

    if I style the label not only the “*” but also the label title will turn red. I don’t know what else I could do?

    ICan someone give me a hint where I can add the <span class=”required”>*</span> for the xprofile fields that are mandatory?

    I thought it would be easy to add some simple css but unfortunately it seems to be impossible. Or have I overlooked something?

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  • danbp


    Hi @3t_mj,

    this can be done CSS, using :after pseudo selector. All labels containing (required) have a for attribute which let you select them individually. You can also apply a rule by field type.
    As the string (required) is in translation, remove it from there and use & nbsp;(without space after & ) in place of.

    Here a working example, with both technique.

    /* Register bp section */
    #profile-details-section .field_type_textbox label:after {
      content: " *";
      color: red;
      position: relative;
    /* Register WP section */
    #basic-details-section label[for="signup_username"]:after {
      content: " *";
      color: red;
      position: relative;
Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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