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How remove Reply button in global activity

  • I need to remove Reply button in Global activity stream. Because users write their answers not in group forum, but in activity stream. How I can disable this function?

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  • LwEEs


    Are you trying to eliminate the reply button from the Activity stream to force reply’s either in the comment or forums area? If so, I really think this is a good idea, I vote for a simpler activity stream with no reply buttons, only feeds from everything that happens on the site. Can someone throw some light to this idea?



    You can disable, I think, in the General Settings under Buddypress look for “Allow users to post activity updates and track all activity across the entire site.”….



    You are right, I went to general settings and there it was. I like the fact that if someone wants to comment they have to get to the original post, but I get that everything should be on sync. Thanks @Pisanojm.



    mmm….for me that action remove the whole Activity Stream….

    Instead I prefer to override the page in the child theme.
    Simply comment lines 27-28 of activity/entry.php where you should find the reply link

    <a href="” class=”acomment-reply” id=”acomment-comment-“>


    Also i’ve tried to do the same with lines 191-192 of _inc/ajax.php to remove the reply link for the existent reply comments meta but didn’t seem to work….anyway, soon the stream will flood them away :)



    Hi there,
    is there a hook to achieve the same? Do really want to avoid hardcoding in the theme files…..

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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