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How to access buddypress from within theme

  • pdillon809



    I have BuddyPress installed on Evolution by Elegant Themes. Everything appears to work but I am struggling to understand how users will access the Buddypress section of the site or even know it’s there. Currently the only option is via the “logged-in” bar at the top of the screen.

    I would like something that most users will find and I don’t think this is the case at present.

    I tried adding a custom link on the main WordPress Theme menu but this doesn’t work because I can’t pass the logged-in user’s name within the URL.

    Here’s a screenshot

    Am I missing something? Is this how BuddyPress typically works?

    How can I add a link from the main WP menu to (say) the activity page of the user (not sitewide). Sitewide might be ok if the user could then go to other areas or BP but they’re jailed in Sitewide for some unknown reason.

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  • adamsjo


    I have the same issue and have tried a bunch of different options. Most of the plugins that do this are old and don’t really work. I tried editing some of my php but without success.

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