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How to add a blog post form to a page

  • I’m pretty new to BuddyPress, so please be kind :)

    I am developing: using BP

    I have disabled access to the Dashboard for all members except admins, but want all logged in users to be able to create a blog post (in addition to their activity posts), as I will be soliciting articles, etc. from them.

    I have created a page to display the posts (Articles).

    Here’s the question: how do I create a page where they can add and/or edit them, without giving them access to the Dashboard?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • durkkooistra


    Maybe yo can try the Ucan post plugin . I’m not a hardcore buddypress user so I can’t help you with a BP only solution.



    there are several plugins you can find on plugins for frontend posting, there is even a buddypress frontend posting plugin around here somewhere.

    you could also use which is the premium route.

    or you could do it yourself

    ah and there is the option where you can leave access to the dashboard and just css the heck out of it to make it look like the frontend.

    I like both the gravity forms and dashboard theming options.

    Thank you both so much!! I’m not sure why I couldn’t find a plugin – must have been using the wrong keywords. Chalk that up to newbie who doesn’t have all the terminology down yet!

    I looked at all options, and decided to go with the ucan plugin. It installed and worked seamlessly!

    All is well, and we move on to learn new tricks :)


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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