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How to add a submenu and page to a profile subnav?

  • Nahum


    What would be the simplest way to add a page/menu to a profile nav bar? for instance, i have a function and a template file that has member’s blog management tools and stats (direct links to their wp panel for post, and widgets). I can manually place this into the home.php of the userprofile and it works per user. (phew)

    how can i get that file to display under the /members/youser/blogs/ as a tab in the subnav. Blogs>>My Blog Tools

    i’ve looked at the skeleton plugin and tried to make sense of it, even tried it but i’m not quite there yet as i’m just an enthusiastic hobbyist. i’ll get there though, this is too much fun, but for now just trying to find the easiest way for me to do it easily.

    any suggestions.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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