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How to Add BuddyPress Specific Widgets

  • I just updated the Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin (v1.1.0) which is in the WordPress Plugin repository at Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin Download.

    Can be found under your “WordPress Dashboard” > “Plugins” > “Add New”

    Use the Keyword Search facility, search for :
    Display Widgets
    Display Widgets SEO
    Display Widgets SEO Plus
    Widgets SEO Plus
    Widgets SEO

    The plugin should be in the top 5 results.

    The update includes support for BuddyPress and bbPress specific widget logic.

    BuddyPress specific widget logic

    ALL BuddyPress Pages – is_buddypress()
    BuddyPress Members Directory – bp_is_members_directory()
    BuddyPress User Pages – bp_is_user()
    BuddyPress Activity Streams Directory – bp_is_activity_directory()
    BuddyPress Activity Streams Item – bp_is_single_activity()
    BuddyPress Groups Directory – bp_is_groups_directory()
    BuddyPress Group – bp_is_group()
    BuddyPress Group Forum – bp_is_current_action( ‘forum’ )
    BuddyPress Group Forum Topic – bp_is_group_forum_topic()
    BuddyPress Registration Page – bp_is_register_page()

    Display Widgets BuddyPress Plugin Widget Logic Support

    bbPress specific widget logic

    ALL bbPress Pages – is_bbpress()
    bbPress User Pages – bbp_is_single_user()
    bbPress Forum Archive – bbp_is_forum_archive()
    bbPress Category Forum – bbp_is_forum_category()
    bbPress Forum – bbp_is_single_forum()
    bbPress Forum Topic – bbp_is_single_topic()
    bbPress Topic Tag – bbp_is_topic_tag()

    Display Widgets bbPress Plugin Widget Logic Support

    David Law

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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