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How to add dynamic links on WP page for BP content?

  • balmainboy



    I’ve created a welcome page on a WP page for my BuddyPress site as i didn’t want the activity page or homepage to be used by default. I have the icons i need, however i need to be able to create some dynamic links to user specific pages like Profile, groups, messages etc.

    By searching i could only come across ways to add these items to a menu (which i’ve already done), however on certain pages i’d like to have links to those BP pages too. Can someone please help me how to do this?

    Any other post seemed to link to plugins that have gone 2-3 years without updates which id’ be hesitant to use given all the updates that have happened to BP since.

    Thanks in advance.

    WP 4.4.1, Theme: Kleo.

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  • Hastig


    BP 2.4.3

    Something like this?..

    <?php $memberUrl = bp_loggedin_user_domain(); echo ($memberUrl . 'settings/');  ?>

    that should output the full url, customized to users name

    put it <a href="HERE">

    change ‘settings’ to whatever

    not sure where I dug that up from so i can’t give credit, sorry



    Hi Hastig,

    Thanks for your reply and apologies for my delayed response. Another project took priority.

    I tried adding the code you gave me but it didn’t work. Got a 404 message. I did put it where you stated though.

    To clarify, do I need to add this to the bp-custom.php or directly in the html with the link?

    I’ve also looked at a widget called BuddyMenu but it hasn’t been updated in 3 years and doesn’t seem to allow me to customise much.

    Any further help would be much appreciated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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