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how to add FAQ page at the botttom of my sign-up page ?

  • how to add a static page like FAQ …a page link that appears at the bottom of the page (like facebook or any other website) which should be displayed to all the member when they are in sign-up page ….

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  • This is a WP question really you can add links via the nav menus if your theme has a menu registered for the footer area, create a WP page as usual and then add it to your footer nav menu.

    this is the code in nav menu where to add my faq page

    Mod edit // posted core WP file removed – causing thread issues and not required -hnla

    Far too much code to post, please don’t just copy complete files.

    Go and look at your wp dashboard at the nav menu option and see what options you have for placing custom menus.

    Andrea Rennick


    @naved and post a liunk to your site so we can see what theme you;re using.

    As hnla said, don;t paste long pieces of code liek that. and you;re looking in the wrong spot. that;s a core wp file which you will never edit. the linsk will show *dynamically* in your theme.

    @naved I’ve removed that posted file as it was causing issues and wasn’t the right type of file.

    in the left there is custom links which asked url and label what should be the url should i have to create page fq.php and put the address of that file….???



    Can you not just open up the register.php file put this code in



    Then style & position it with CSS

    @4colourprogress ….whnere i should write the terms and conditions then …should i write in another page and specify the url of that page ?

    Create a new page called Terms And Conditions then write the T&C in that page.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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