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How to: Bring the admin-message to the startpage

  • I have an idea I think of as pretty cool, but don’t know how to accomplish it:

    As Site-Admin I can send to all of the users a message, which wil be seen above the message-inbox.

    My idea is to bring that to the startpage, so that every logged-in user sees it (alomst like a blog-article, but after reading one can click it away). I think this would be a great way to communicate important updates etc…

    Can someone of you gurus help me? Which code would I have to implement in my template, that this message would appear there (not only in the inbox).

    It would be great!


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  • chewbaker


    I too started a post about this too.

    Maybe this will be a feature in the future update.

    Since these threads were created about 4 hours apart from each, searching the forum for an existing topic would have been nice :) Let’s try to keep discussion on this on one thread (this one?)

    Thanks for the hint DJPaul –

    so, any ideas how to accomplish that?

    No Coder-Gurus around to give a Greenhorn a enlightement? :-)

    I think that’s an awesome idea too… for messages like “site will be down for maintenance on Wednesday” or whatever right on the homepage. I plan on using BuddyPress for our Regional Search & Rescue team… so it would be great… when a call goes out… to put the search information right on the homepage (for members only of course)… i.e. “All members please respond immediately to 123 Main Street… blah blah blah”.

    So I looked into this. Just poked around in the /messages/ folder for a bit. Didn’t take long to find the required line of code. Try sticking this in your home.php file.

    <?php bp_message_get_notices(); // (admin created site wide notices) ?>



    Thanks David, this code works perfectly :)


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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