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HOW TO: change order of the sign-up extra fields

  • enlightenmental1


    I need to change the order of the sign-up extra fields

    specifically the TOS and captcha.

    I want them to be the last step before next/submit button, below everything else..

    looks like they show up in the order I installed them… ?

    can this be done through phpmyadmin?


    echo ‘<div id=”extra-fields”>’;

    do_action( ‘signup_extra_fields’, $errors );

    echo ‘</div>’;

    moving the above moves everything besides email/username


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  • enlightenmental1



    Burt Adsit


    A Terms of Service plugin and a Captcha are not part of bp. They do whatever they do based on whatever they decide, when they decide to do it. Normally they detect events triggered in the signup process and insert their services where they determine best.

    I don’t think anybody here can help you. Perhaps you should contact the plugin authors or look a the code to determine how they operate and modify their behavior.



    thanks Burt…

    I looked around… can’t find much… it’s BP-tos….?

    where is this action created => do_action( ‘signup_extra_fields’, $errors );

    signup_extra_fields = ?

    i wanna trace it back and see whats there…

    maybe I can remove the TOS/captcha from signup-extra_fields

    and then insert it manually into bp-core-signup ?

    i duno



    thanks again Burt

    ok, i figured it out… had to do some reading… damn reading

    the position of each plugin is normally decided by the “add_action”

    i.e. to move recaptcha to the very bottom, the priority must be lower than the rest…

    in wp-recaptcha.php – line 50

    add_action(‘sign_up_extra_fields’, ‘display_recaptcha’ );

    changed to:

    add_action(‘sign_up_extra_fields’, ‘display_recaptcha’, ’20’ );

    probably didn’t need to be as high as 20, but i want to make sure it’s on the far bottom

    next i’ll go into bp-tos.php and change that add_action to 21….we’ll see if that works

    Jeff Sayre



    It seems like you’re on the right path!

    it’s BP-tos….?

    Just to let you know, the “bp” at the beginning of a plugin does not mean that it is an official, supported BuddyPress component. The same goes with the “wp”. Plugin developers can name their plugins whatever they want.

    That is what the TOS and Captcha developers did.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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