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How to configure BP to ignore root blog

  • I am running WP 3.0.4 multi-site (subdirectory) + BP 1.2.7. Buddypress is installed on a secondary blog, /community.

    When we set it up, we could not use the root blog at, so I have tried to hide it, with moderate success. The DNS redirects to New users are added as subscribers to another blog, /dashboard, if they don’t already have a blog. The pages load, people can log in, there is joy in the world.

    However. If you make a typo with the URL, e.g. /communityyy, the “Error establishing database connection” page appears. Not a 404 Page Not Found error. Same thing when someone goes to a page in the root directory, e.g. /wp-login.php. This latter one is annoying since the new registration emails point to /wp-login.php instead of /community/wp-login.php.

    Another factor: On the Sites-Edit screen, the root blog’s siteurl = and it is NOT editable. All of the other subblogs, including /community, have the siteurl = The only place I have found that SERVERNAME to appear is in my FTP client; it does not appear in wp-config.php.

    Any ideas on how to properly configure my site? My ideas include:
    – finesse the DNS redirect
    – adding more rewrite rules to .htaccess
    – moving BP to the root blog
    – use a domain mapping plugin

    Thanks in advance.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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