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How To Create Groups within Categories (CONFUSED)

  • montaya


    I have started a website,, using buddybress and s2member pro. It is going to be used by the many small (community) groups, initially on the various islands in our area. Each island will be a category, under which the groups will have their own, separate, web presence (where they can post their activities, list their members, pay their membership (if any), have discussions, etc.
    Buddypress has many plugins but I am getting confused as to what would be the best plugins and framework to use to try to achieve this outcome. Also what docs to study?
    Can someone point me to the right direction, please?????

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  • Peter Hardy-vanDoorn


    BuddyPress groups can’t have categories associated with them. My advice would be to just set up a different group for each island. You can make each group private to ensure that only members of that group can see the forum posts within.

    Additionally, there is a plugin which will give groups hierarchies if you wanted to make it easier to group groups together (eg, if your islands are grouped geographically you could have a “north islands” group and a “south islands” group and within each group you would then have your individual islands groups).

    Search for “BP Group Hierarchy”

    Hope that helps


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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