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How to create members directory searchable by xprofile field

  • radiusj


    I’m new to buddypress, and I can’t find a tutorial on how to customize the way members are displayed. I want a directory where members can be sorted by an extended profile field, namely a particular skill.

    My members are artists, so visitors to the site should be able to find them by genre i.e. painting. Preferably, I’d like visitors to be able to search by keyword, but also click on links to a predefined list of genres, to show all members in that category.

    Sometimes, artists specialize in more than one genre i.e. painter, sculptor. – so I’m thinking of creating up to 3 fields, all dropdowns containing the same list of genres. Is there anyway to:
    1: search only specific fields in a keyword search?
    2: create links that will generate results for each genre
    3: combine 1 and 2 on the buddypress members page

    Thank You for helping.

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  • radiusj


    Not a single reply yet. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Here’s a little more info that further clarifies:

    I’m hoping to use the S2 Member and Buddypress plugins for WordPress to manage volunteers and members at our arts cooperative and website.  S2 Member seems well suited for registering both paid members and volunteers (free users) while Buddypress adds the social features needed to help our people work together.

    S2 Member had me convinced of easy integration with Buddypress, but this has not exactly been the case. S2 Member Registration fields appear in the Buddypress registration form, but I’m having the following issues

    1. Buddypress profile fields allow users to choose if fields should be visible in their profile, or allow admins to set a default visibility for each field.  Can I implement this for fields created in S2?

    2. Buddypress profile fields are linked to a search for other users that share the value of that field.  I had originally thought this would be perfect for a membership directory that categorizes member and volunteer skills, but not sure how to implement a search that works with both types of fields.

    3. S2 does not come with it’s own Member Directory, a feature that should be essential.  It is a known issue and common complaint, for which the developers have provided some pointers in the right direction, but no comprehensive code that would integrate options into Buddypress.  A membership directory is the most essential aspect to our site, but I’m confused as to how proceed, given the limitations of both plugins.



    Not sure if this works with BP 1.6.
    And you’d need to extend it to do what you want.



    Hi, radiusj. I’m trying to exactly the same thing for an artists community. Have you found a solution, yet?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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