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how to delete this menu top links

  • raminjan


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    Media |||||||| Question 1: ||||||||| how can I add these links to bp-menu
    Question 2:
    as you can see the top of this post these are the buddypress menu top links or parent links. Now i have a sidebar menu i was just wondering to know if I can safely delete these center column top primary links without screwing up anything and still have the sublinks appear in the center column if the primary/top link is clicked from the sidebar menu. so how can I do that? for more clearfication: I have bp-menu in my left sidebar okay, now I include the primary links (what you see in the top of this post) now I want to remove these from the center column where they are by default but not their sublinks.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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