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[Resolved] How to disable Private Messages for multiple users

  • raphadko


    Is there a way to enable private messaging only between 2 users? I believe having multiple users enabled rise my chances of getting spammers..

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  • meg@info




    Good plugin, but not exactly what I am looking for..
    I have ‘friends’ disabled on my site, but I have messaging enable (my community is too small to divide by friends). I want messaging to only happen between 2 people. Any ideas?

    @raphadko I don’t understand the logic behind this. Can you elaborate further on what you are trying to accomplish? .



    Sure, sorry if I was not clear..
    I have a small community, approx 60 members, and everyone know each other in real life, so for this case it’s pointless to enable friends connection, since everyone are already friends..

    Well, for the private messages, I want users to be able to communicate with messages, but only 1 on 1 conversations, no group conversations. When a user sends a message, I whant them to be able to send only to one person, no more than that.

    Paul Gibbs


    You’d probably have to write some custom code (or hire someone to do it for you) to only accept two people in a PM conversation. Nothing like this out of the box.

    Groups only matter in forums and if you choose site wide forums you can get rid of groups all together. That has nothing to do with private message one on one conversations. This issue still seems to be lacking a bit of logic. A PM only goes to the person you send it to anyway so essentially it is a one on one conversation. Not enabling friendships means you really cant use any of the great friendship based plugins like @r-a-y ‘s Private Messages For Friends Only, or my own plugin BP FriendPress which shows a facebook like activity stream that is dependent on friendship.
    Taking friendships out of the equation is only going to limit what you can control in the long run so I personally would suggest reconsidering your options.



    It’s possible.

    You need to display:none; the compose div, and the #send-to-input div. The send-to-input div is the form field that allows users to select a second or third user.

    Mirco Babini


    .friend-tab + #send-to-input{
        display: none;
Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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