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How to display a “My Profile” page

  • riseUp



    I am new to BuddyPress, and I hope that the community can help me.

    On the blue Navigation Menu, I want to add another link called “My Profile” where, whenever a user logs in, the user is able to click on “My Profile” which would lead the user to his/her profile page.

    I created a page called Profile, but I don’t know how to associate the link to allow the user to view his/her page.

    Is there some kind of short code that I can add to the Profile page so that whenever the user clicks on “My Profile” link on the blue navigation menu, he/she would be able to view his/her profile page?

    Thank you!

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  • danbp



    which theme do you use ? The blue navigation menu is not a BP reference.

    On a first install, you enable BP and all pages related to default activated components are created. These pages are not ordinary pages, but dynamical pages intended for internal use only. A kind of placeholders where BP applies a specific template, depending the context.

    Out of the box you have 3 BP pages in BP’s settings: Members (mandatory), Site activities, Groups.

    These pages and any other created later if you use other components in addition to defaults, should stay empty, without shortcodes, content or template sssignation, CPT’s or whatever.

    Just a page and a title. Anything that should appear on such pages is handled by BP’s templates (bp-themes/bp-legacy/buddypress).

    For now, delete the profile page you created and clear it from trash (important).

    Profiles are handled by/on the mandatory Members page. No need to create an extra page for them.

    Read the install documentation for more details.

    Now the user profile link. This is a dynamic link who varies for each user. Something like (your_site/members/USERNAME/profile).

    Read here how you can do that.

    And as you’re trying to customize BP, read the documentation about child-theme first.



    Gracias. Thank you!



    Can’t get the “my profile” page for my users any help?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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