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How to Display HTML in Forums

  • sclough


    I have a BuddyPress install that I recently upgraded to the new “integrated” bbPress. However, we have thousands of forum topics from the older style of integration. Those forum topics all contain some html markup because bbPress presumably included basic markup such as paragraph tags and others.

    I’ve only done the upgrade on a test version of our site, but it looks like BuddyPress’ integrated bbPress is escaping the html and outputting it to the screen so that instead of seeing:

    “my forum post”

    users will see:

    “<p>my forum post</p>”

    Is there some way to enable simple html tags in BuddyPress’ integrated forums? If not, does anyone know a simple way to at least strip out all the html from the previous posts so it doesn’t look this bad?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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