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How to downgrade?

  • rodtrent


    Does anyone have good instructions on how to downgrade BuddyPress? I can’t find any on the site. If there are some here, the search doesn’t really work that great. Like you all posting here, I’m on 1.6 right now, and need to downgrade back to 1.5.7 to get everything working again.

    Instructions would be extremely welcome.

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  • c0rp53


    I second this request. even google failed me. Can we downgrade to a previous version of buddypress?




    Paul Gibbs


    I recommend against downgrading unless you have a database backup from the old version of BuddyPress. In 1.6, we changed how the BP DB version number is stored in the database, and adjusted the schema of the Activity table.

    I suspect running a 1.6-versioned database against a 1.5-site will cause BuddyPress to think it’s not installed, and force you to run through the install wizard again (as it’s already installed, of course, I’m not sure what would happen). It’s then possible you would have problems updating to a 1.6+ version of BP in the future because we’ve changed where/how the BP DB version number is stored in the database.

    We’ve got a 1.6.1 coming out very soon, which fixes compatibility with plugins and themes that were doing things wrong before, in ways that we didn’t anticipate when we touched parts of the code in 1.6. The most common themes with problems — Salutation and Custom Community — have already or will soon release updated versions of those themes to work with 1.6, too.



    OK…cool. Looking forward to the 1.6.1 update!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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