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How to Edit User and Options Nav???

  • kellerbrooke


    Does anyone know how I can reorder the icons in the User and Options Nav? I can’t find the files for them. Thanks!

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  • There is a template called optionsbar.php in the parent theme… but it just calls a function of course… bp_get_options_nav(). So I’m not sure you can reorder them. Maybe someone else knows.



    I figured it out! Each file has a position id. So, to make the “Profile” icon show as the first icon in the user nav, open bp-xprofile.php and change the position id to 10. Then reorder other files (bp-activity.php, etc).

    Ah. Very cool. Good to know! And good work. Thanks.



    Editing core files is never the best way to go of course; you’ll lose your customizations once you upgrade BP.
    Better is it to redefine the function that is called. You would find the place where bp_get_options_nav() is defined, copy the function and place it in your bp-custom.php, rename it to something like my_bp_get_options_nav() and then make necessary customizations.

    bp_get_options_nav() is defined here, BTW (starting from line 91).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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