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How-to enable users to post HTML code into blog posts

  • I’m in desparate need for some help:

    Regular users in my network can not post HTML code from Vocaroo ( into their blog posts to embedd an audio flash player. The code disappears when they publish their post. However, I (as Super Admin) can do this and the Vocaroo player appears with no problem. How can I allow the coding to remain in the post for all users?

    Example of code that disappears when a user attemoted to add it to her post:

    That same code works for me when I publish a post.

    Any help much appreciated . Thanks.

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  • This is a support forum for a WP plugin, BuddyPress – you are asking a question related to WP blog posting, you need to take this to the appropriate forum but before you ask check through their Codex pages to ensure that the question you ask isn’t already covered by a guide and also search the forum for previous related threads in case your question has already been covered there.

    Thanks. Figured something like that and did check over at WP Support but couldn’t find anything. … I’ll try posting something to their forum.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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