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How to fix mouse hover effect animation infinity youzer free wp bp plugin

  • Anonymous User 16484011


    I have free version of Youzer plugin and their plugin support team wants from me to first buy premium version and than after they support me but due to my financial I can’t buy it now. They also help me one thing that you can create a code and paste into code snippet plugin which will solve your problem. But I have no knowledge of css. So, Can anyone please help me for the same.

    In youzer wordpress plugin in Profile picture when we mouse hover on it it’s get animated and I want it infinite. Means without mouse hover I want this effect infinity while or when the page was loaded. For download it’s free version first you visit their official site and fill your name and email only and they can send you a free plugin.

    After that you install this on your wordpress and visit any one profile and mouse hover on their profile picture and one round animation came from profile photo inside to outside. I want this infinity without mouse hover and it’s run automatically when page loads.


    I think in their plugin \wp-content\plugins\youzer\includes\public\assets\css the file name yz-profile-style.css has their code for edit. But I haven’t knowledge to how to do the same or create a new snippets code for the same.


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  • Venutius


    Sorry, this forum is for BuddyPress support, Youzer is premium only so if you want to use it you would need to pay.

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