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How to get Responsive theme, Media, and Like to work together?

  • disha76


    It will be great to know what success fellow BP users have had or what tweaks or what free-paid combo they are using to active this? Social Net is much about photos and Likes these days though there can be argument this is not the use-case for all.

    I have looked at rtcamp’s theme-and-Media solution as well as Buddyboss’s theme-and-media solution, and have arrived at the following questions:

    • How does the interface look like when one submits a blog – is he thrown out of the theme?
    • How does the theme behaves in WP Multisite set up and/or with a standard 3rd party plugin eg buddypress-activity-privacy.1.3.3?
    • Can I “Like” a blog or photo from the post page itself as well as the activity stream?
    • Does the User Profile others’ view shows the Likes also ? [ for example, Demo of buddyboss shows only Wall tab, no Likes tab ]
    • Can users have mutiple Albums, multiple upload at the same time and on-photo tagging? Can they “Like” a photo in the photo page itself?
    • Can the admin determine how many thumbnails to show when there are multiple photo uploads at the same time and can the admin restrict such number?
    • Media – is it integrated to WP media ?

    rtcamp’s theme-and-Media solution is probably $200 + altogether but does not solve above problems, buddyboss theme-wall-media is probably $120+ but very incomplete Media and Like solutions. The free Media plugins rtcamp does not provide “Like” (it has Likes separate from BP favorit and is confusing), modemloopers Buddypics has no albums and buddyboss media is very incomplete imho – none of the paid or free are integrated into WP media. Please correct me.

    PS : Has rtcamp and buddyboss guys abandoned this forum?

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