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How to get xProfile data for a user in the pending state

  • capeleng


    Wordpress 4.1 and BP 2.1.1

    Here is what I’m doing:
    1) user clicks on a “create account” link and fills out a Gravity form and submits it.
    – one of the fields is a xProfile field.
    – BP puts that user in the pending state (xProfile data is not in bp_xprofile_data yet)
    2) user gets an email with an activation link and clicks on it
    3) user is redirected to the the successful activation page (page=gf_activation&key=421e779e1d92054f) Here, I can display the xProfile data on the page using xprofile_get_field_data.
    – I have overridden wp_new_user_notification with my own function to enhance the registration email
    4) email is sent to user with his username and password
    My problem is that I want to include the xProfile data in the email, but it is not written to bp_xprofile_data until after the email has been sent. In fact, the wp_user is not created until after the email is sent. But the data has to be somewhere because I can access it when generating the success activation page!

    Where the heck is this data stored while the new user is in the pending state and how do I access it?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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