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How To: Group Level Pages, Files, Custom Menu ?

  • gswaim



    I am a veteran WordPress user and am building my first BuddyPress powered site. I have most of this figured out; however, I need help/advice on group level features.

    On some of my groups, I need the ability to share information such as static pages and files. So my three questions are:

    Can a standard WP page be made available within a group. I know I could use the GroupBlog plugin and post information as posts, but being able to serve up some pages would be great.

    File Repository
    I need a place where group members could share files. I have seen this on several site. Not sure if it is custom code or a plugin.

    Group Level Menu
    Assuming I can do pages and file area, how could I change the group menu bar to accommodate these new features.

    Thanks in advance on any help with this!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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