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How to handle spam registrations in ver 1.6.1

  • smartmwp


    I have had several spam registrations on my site (in spite of SI Captcha Anti Spam plugin) which is OK but earlier versions of Buddypress had an option under “Admin Options” called “Mark as Spammer”. But now I don’t see that in 1.6.1.

    Now in 1.6.x we have “Edit Member” for admins and there’s a link called “User Capabilities” which when clicked takes me to a page saying “Oops! This link appears to be broken.” Now I have to delete the spam accounts and don’t have any option to mark spam or having registrations auto-detected as spam which used to happen earlier. Though many genuine registrations were being detected as spam also in ver 1.5.x.

    One of my members is now not able to login because she is being asked for an activation number and I don’t know how to help her :(. I have changed her password and I am able to login from my computer to her account though but she is still facing the same problem. We just get a link in the email to activate and I don’t know what exactly is the activation number.

    Thanks in advance to all those who reply :) !!

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  • Try using. A plugin named “Buddypress Pending Activations” it lets you check for accounts that have not yet activated their account, resend activation keys, manually activate accounts, and even delete inactivated accounts in bulk.



    @Metric: Thanks so much for replying! I feel and I hope you would agree that more plugins = more conflicts and troubles. I am at this moment trying to use the least amount of plugins as possible and only the popular and well rated ones. I hope to resolve this without using another plugin and hopefully that Buddypress plugin itself comes up with a solution. Ideally it should because a successful and trouble free registration of a genuine user is the starting point and all the activity starts later! Just like a car gets a trouble free start and then a great ride!

    Yeah I know what you mean I also tend to only use plugins that are well known. But I am currently using the one I mentioned and so far I’ve had no problems and have been able to clean up accounts that don’t activate after a few days.

    Presence Films


    I just installed this plug in and have used it to purge some spammers. I am impressed. I have had no problems. So I give it a thumbs up. Well done!

    That “activation number” warning usually means she clicked on the link twice and it is already activated. Just tell her to try logging in. BP should really change the default text on that.



    Hi Thanks to All! @Metric and @Presence Films, thanks for your inputs and I will try using the mentioned plugin. @FIQ I have asked the member to try to login from some other browser than the one she normally uses (to avoid reloading cached pages) and I am waiting for her response.



    I am daily getting very much spams on
    no idea how.even tried plugin no use

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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