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How to have some public viewable pages?

  • Toni


    Hi, how do or can I create pages that are viewable without login? Or is that a bad idea?

    A link to the applicable documentation topic would do.
    I do want the BuddyPress to remain intact and not potentially effected structurally by external WP stuff.

    I have a MultiSite install with BuddyPress plugin as the main site.
    – I am the only site admin and creator.
    – I am not tech literate, just WP basic-intermediate level. Nothing with BuddyPress.
    – If it’s better, or easier to manage, I can create a sub site for public stuff related to the BuddyPress site.

    Any input and opinions are appreciated.
    Thank you

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  • djsteveb


    with my default bp installs just about everything IS public.. it’s actually not easy to make the bp pages like activity and groups and such private.

    I think most of those things are fine to be public – and people can choose to make groups members only, logged in only, or public viewable.. default is all public I think..

    Most profile fields the user can choose similar privacy settings for certain fields if you allow..

    Sometimes I make a group non-pulbic viewable as super admin..

    I also choose a lot of things to be blocked by the robot search engine spiders – as there is no need for them to go pulling 100 pages of activity feed and such – so even though most of my BP site is publicly viewable, only about half of it is (supposed to be) crawled by the big engines – most follow the robots.txt directive – but not all..

    As Steve says, everything is public by default.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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