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How to hide a blog from the blogs directory?

  • Andreas Karsten


    I have been looking here and elsewhere to figure out how a specific blog could be hidden from the blogs directory, such as the admin blog. Is this possible at all?

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  • I don’t know, but I need this bad. Anyone know how to exclude certain blogs from being listed on the directory page?



    Yeah you can do that. Simply log into the blog’s Dashboard. Then go to “Settings” >> “Privacy” and select the 2nd radio button “I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors”.

    No can do. It’s my main site that I’d like to not display in the directory, but I still need it to be seen by Google, etc.

    Is there no “exclude” type thing that I could put into a template tag on blogs-loop.php?

    There’s no exclude parameter at the moment, unfortunately.

    Well poop. And for the record, I just tried setting one of my child sites privacy settings to the block search engines option, and it still shows up on my blogs directory page :/

    Yes, but doing that will mess up the pagination.



    You can go in manually into the wp-blogs database and mark the blog it creates as mature or not public. Both settings should remove any mention of the blog from any public listing. (maybe?)

    @djpaul: how so? I thought the count for “All Blogs” in the menu bar would just be off however many blogs you hid (which doesn’t bug me since it’s only 2 in my case)?

    @hkcharlie: does that affect people viewing it at all? I needed to hide my main site and the search blog that was created from using the Sitewide Tags search plugin, so I’d need everyone to have easy access to those.



    I’ve been using this for a while, and it does muck up your pagination, its merely hiding the blog, literally, but its still as if it were there according to your pagination and counts. Say if you use loop in a widget, and assign 10 per_page the count will say 10 but only display 9 blogs and if you have more than 1 hidden blog, then it gets really frustrating because you assign 20 per_page/type=active(ex.) and it spits out random displays because its counting the hidden blogs so you end up with odd numbered displays. So if you don’t mind all that confusion…

    @nahummadrid: but users can still flip through the blogs directory, correct?

    ETA: can you link me to the page you have this running on so that I might see the pagination wonkiness in action?

    This ability to simply “hide” or have an “exclude parameter” for a blog would be awesome!

    Pretty oh pretty please developers. :D

    P.S. I use the BuddyPress plugin on a WordPress, Multisite enabled website.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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