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How to Hide Pending Users – Members Search Results

  • reinhardtjohn



    I am currently using BuddyPress for a community site which is private. I have all of the site completely locked down, and the last thing I see possible for spam is that a user could create an account with a bad name, which can be seen if a user uses the search function on the members page.

    At the moment the Pending users are NOT showing up in the Members Loop, but do show up in the search. I am using a plugin to do the approval process, and another to remove the buddypress activation email.

    Is there any way to modify the members search page to not return users still pending?

    Please help!

    Never Active users ARE showing in the members page, but not pending ones. However, pending users are showing up in Members search results.

    Any help on where to start for editing the members search loop and checking the pending status would be great.

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