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How to implement a stars rating voting system into groups?

  • bpinspire


    Anyone have any tips how to implement a stars rating voting system within each groups. I’m testing right now the GD Star plugin and digging into the plugin docs hopefully to find maybe a solution.

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  • Wish there was a plugin for this. I think a lot of people would use it. Be nice if the star ratings showed up in the list of active groups as well.



    I know would be brilliant! I’m still try to find a way.



    I love the way implemented the rating into groups, I’m curious which plugin is used? Anyone!



    Any follow-up on this? Can anyone suggest a decent overall rating plugin?



    There is no such publically available plugin.

    The one used on this site was custom-coded by Andy Peatling. He might release this as a plugin in the future, but in the near short-term, don’t expect anything to be available.

    If you’re a coder, the basic premises are:

    1) Create a new nav item for groups called “ratings”.
    2) Utilize the activity stream so users can rate the group.
    3) Save the rating as group meta when a review is made.

    Re: GD Star Rating – Milan Petrovic, the author of the plugin, has stated on a few occasions for some form of support for BP. When and what type of integration is still up in the air though.

    Vova Feldman


    Guys, we are proud to announce that the new Rating-Widget plugin release supports BuddyPress & bbPress ratings. And the Premium version even support aggregated user ratings which is calculated based on all user’s activities.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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