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How to implement "Member Types" in a theme for newbies

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  • The ‘Member Type’ provision is the beginnings of a deeper api, this initial implementation provides developers the means to register a ‘Type’ which can then be used programatically in functions to filter/sort loops etc, I’m afraid at this stage this is not an aspect of BP designed for non developers, you will need some degree of coding skill to use this.

    > I am not familiar with HTML
    This is more a PHP thing but regardless you’ll need more than basic knowledge in that and html/css to be able to customize your site to this sort of degree.

    At this stage I would suggest approaching the plugin authors of that plugin you had been using and asking if they are producing an update for whatever issue has arisen for their plugin used in conjunction with BP 2.2

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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