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How to import Groups / Forums / Topics / Members

  • Hi, I would like to import Groups / Forums / Topics / Members and their associations into buddypress – I can provide csv data and transform the data to the needed format – it would be a great helb to have some documentation or skeleton importer scripts that will show me how to do a mass import.
    Thank you very much for your attention,

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  • djsteve


    I was just poking around for a way to mass import groups into my three buddypress sites.
    I would like to create 100 groups on one install, and then import those groups into my other buddypress sites without having to manually create them one by one, 100 times, on three sites. Does anyone have any idea if this is possible?



    I would love to know that too , does anybody know the most simple way how to mass import buddypress groups with csv file.

    Any updates on this? We’d love a way to import 50 plus groups without doing them 1×1

    Andrea Rennick


    Has anyone tried just exporting the db tables from one site and importing them to another?

    As long as you keep the various column IDs consistent, it ought to work. Take a look in site and usermeta, there are a few keys there which you will need to copy as well (totals, etc)



    I did an import of a CSV with the matching fields of the wp_bp_groups table. It now shows that I have 67 groups, but I cannot see any of them. As I putz around, I can see some references to groups elsewhere but have not yet figured out what else I need to do to get them to display. I set the field “status” to “public” and made sure I had an admin set under “creator_id” to one of the id’s of a wp_user.
    any thoughts on what other references are needed? Again, on the web page, it says “67 groups” but when you click on that tab, nothing appears.
    Scott B.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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