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How-To: Keep spacing in messages, edit annoucements

  • MrShawnTierney


    I use BuddyPress (and BuddyBoss Social Learner Theme) to interact with my students who take courses on my WordPress / Learndash website.

    Q1) One thing that kind of drives me crazy is I can’t put line feeds in my messages without adding a character to space out the sentences.

    I use to type in   which worked, but the emailed copy of the message showed   in place of just a blank line.

    So that in mind, what am I missing?

    Is there any setting or stylesheet I can edit to allow a space between sentences in BuddyPress Messages?

    People really hate walls-of-text, and spaces between sentences make text more readable, just like you find here on the Buddypress website and in this post I’m making.

    Note that I don’t have this issue with BBPress forum posts.

    Q2) I’m imperfect, and whenever I create a notice to all users I always have a typo 🙁

    BUT, I just can’t find any way to edit these announcement messages?

    Just checked, and yes it is the 21st century and even Facebook now lets you edit announcements, so I figured it must be me, that I just don’t know how to edit them.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

    Thanks a million in advance!


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