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How to let users submit blog posts?

  • Hi, I’ve seen this question posted before in the forums but not satisfactorily answered, so here goes my version:

    The BP feature list states ”Even allow each of your users to start their own full powered WordPress blog.” Yet I can find no reference anywhere of how to set up blog capabilities for users, except for the Facebook-style activity stream post box (which I’m assuming isn’t what’s meant by user blogs). How do you do it? How do users access their own blog in order to make new posts?

    In fact I don’t even really need a fullly-fledged WordPress blog for each user, just the ability for users to contribute posts (ideally from a front-end Quickpress-like interface) into a pre-defined list of categories. This is to build creative writing community where users may post their short-stories, poetry, scripts etc. in order for other members to review them.

    Is there any idiot-proof documentation anywhere that discusses the multi-user blogging options in BP?

    (PS – I first tried BP with a new WP install as per the BP site instructions. I then tried enabling WP multisite – but neither way offered any user blog options as far as I could see).

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  • modemlooper


    To allow people to post from front end you will have to use something like gravity forms but then there will be a problem if they need to edit such posts. There really isnt a good solution at the moment. It’s a highly requested feature that some developers are working on.

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