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How to link filters with member details – meta data?

  • fabianschultzphoto


    Im sure you have seen listings on websites and filters right next to them, the filters help sort out the results.
    Now, how can I link profile details from a member directory with a filter? I want to use BuddyPress and then filter details such as price, star rating etc in the filter (displayed in sidebar)? So when I look at BuddyPress websites, the members (saved in member directory not under posts) are shown in a list grid like a normal listing. If I want to use a filter, e.g. Jet Smart Filter, how can I link the (meta) data from the member directory/profile details with the filter? As the filter is 3rd party, it is not natively connected/linked with the BuddyPress member directory. Any suggestions?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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