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How to make a "visitor splash page"

  • jimrowland


    Hi, new WP user here… I have a fresh install (at the root level) of WP 3.8, BP 1.9.1, bbPress 2.5.2. I’m using the Twentyfourteen theme, and I’ve created a child theme for it (with child theme as the active theme). Current installation is here:

    I’ve been playing with settings and reading all about WP/BP for the past 2 days, but I’m 98% sure that all of my settings are back at “default”, with the exception of 1 function in the child theme’s functions.php file to bypass the gravatar stuff (instructions for which I found in these forums somewhere).

    My next project is to get a “splash page” specific to non-logged-in users (visitors). Just a quick who we are type page with a logon box with 2 links (forgot password and register new account).

    I started following the instructions on this page , but they started going south on me at some point and the end result didn’t quite work. I am assuming that since this article is almost 1 1/2 years old, that there have been some changes that are no longer applicable.

    My first derailment was when I got to the point about copying the parent theme’s registration directory, and modifying the register.php file. Uhhhh, no such folder exists in the parent theme, but I did (after searching through these forums) discover this directory and file down in the /plugins/buddypress directory somewhere (several directories deep). But, I pressed on. When I got to the step about making a new, second menu for “logged out” users, I stumbled across this theme already having two menus, and one of them appears to be for visitors.

    I have since un-done everything I did following those instructions, and I believe that I’m back to the point where I was before I started.

    Right now, logged-out users see everything. I’d like to remove that “feature”, and present them with a welcome screen, and maybe a few links to other pages that I haven’t yet created.

    Are there any how-tos that I just haven’t discovered yet that I can follow along and accomplish this?


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  • It sounds like you’re heading in the direction of a private community. Keep in mind that if it’s private, then search engines can’t index your content. Which may be good or bad, depending on your goals.

    You’ll find a lot of info by searching this support forum or the web for “buddyPress private community”

    For instance:

    Also please bear in mind some of these requirements are going to require some coding skills, you have a quite a few custom requirements which are going to be beyond the scope of the forum to provide simple answers on. Some aspects such as frontend posting may be served by third party plugins such as bp-simple-front-end-post though.



    Yes, a private community is exactly what I’m after. We’re a several-thousand member strong community who have been operating on a standard forums software for 8 years, and trying to convert to a more “social” type platform. (no blogging at all, but ironically WP appears to fit the bill the best) 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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