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how to Make BP login/registration/reset password default, hide WP login entirely

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    My setup: WP Multisite (3.5) with Buddypress (1.6.3) and BBpress forum on local machine (with MAMP), all latest versions. Will build site on local before uploading on live server.

    What I want to do is, all users should log-in/regster/reset password from buddypress login pages (front-end).

    Intended users will also include admins (and super-admin, me!), and I guess they will be able to discharge their admin duties after login from BP front-end. IS this correct?

    If so, The wordpress login should be absolutely invisible from frontend to any and all users even when they try to access the from browser address bar. wp-login.php should also not come up after unsuccessful login attempts or for reset password requests. Everything must be accomplished through BP login/register/reset components.

    I intend to create an AJAX based widget which will be positioned on header top-right (like facebook, but with AJAX), which will handle everything without page reload. I am concocting some code snippets, but that’s for later.

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