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How to Make Different Pieces of Info Available to Different Levels of PMPro?

  • reneerodriguez


    I’m running WP 4.6 with BP 2.6.2. The website I’m working on is

    What I’m curious is about, is there a way to set up BP/Paid Membership Pro (ver to display certain pieces of information for the different levels of PMPro that we have going on. For example, Players are not allowed to see each other’s phone numbers. Whereas coaches and schools can see there phone number in order to contact the players.

    Is there a way to do this, or do I need to look for other options?

    Also, I have a secondary question. Is there a way for someone to sign up, but NOT have a profile? For example, Coaches and schools are to not have profiles. But instead, they sign up, provide an email, and password, their name, and that be it. Coaches are strictly there to look for players and view the content the players will have to post. They are not there to interact or be messaged. Coaches/Schools do not want to be messaged by the players to be needlessly annoyed.

    Thank you!

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