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How to make first line of Drop down select box to be empty by default

  • Hi, can someone please tell me how to make Drop down select box first line to be empty by default. i have list of countries on registration page but it just shows first country as default. i tried to leave first line empty but could not be saved.

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    @boonebgorges Have we changed this behaviour in 1.6, or did we add a filter in? It rings a bell, I think you were working on patching it.

    In testing quickly I find that trying to set a blank option as the first in the list of options returns an error (testing on 1.6) however if I set the blank option later in the list and then use the radio select option to set it as default it does accept it and work on the front end as expected. The first visible option will be ‘—‘

    @naijaping you may like to test that this works on 1.5 for your install? and report it back if possible.

    The blank option when set may well not be visible after saving or when you try and edit the field but I think it will show on frontend and be working as such.

    Minor bugs need dealing with in 1.5.5 / 1.6

    @hnla, i just test your sugestion, it allows you to save but the problem remain in frontend. after saving


    Interesting as I’ve tested on BP 1.5.5 MS and it does work for me if I ensure that it’s not the first option I leave blank and set the blank option later on with set to default radio selected. There is a error in that the edit view doesn’t actually show the blank option but it is there on the frontend and does allow one to enter a null value and not display anything if previously you had set a value.

    Could you list your steps and versions as we may have to open a ticket with details in order that this is corrected .

    Boone Gorges


    @hnla It sounds like you might have found a bug.

    @djpaul The change you’re thinking of is here:

    yep we have a bug, and overzealous privacy enhancements ;)

    As I was testing it through I was discussing it on skype with Paul and have a bit more info on the issues, as it’s not only the option issue but privacy is preventing the fields created from being edited.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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