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How To make Post author links point to BP Profile Page

  • Calvin Powers



    I’m still a newbie at WP and BP so forgive me if this is blindingly easy/obvious.

    I’m putting together a SP site that has BP installed. So far everything’s working great. As long as you are wthin the BP generated pages, all author/user links take yoou to the BP profile page. But when I’m outside of the BP pages, like looking at a post page or a list of post excertps, the author links at the bottom of the post take you to the wordpress /author/ pages.

    The behavior I’d like to see is that the author link at the bottom of the post take you to the BP profile page. I’d like the /author/ pages to basically disappear from the user interface of the site because you can use the BP profile page for the author to look up the blog posts also.

    I dug down into the templates and eventually saw them using the function get_author_posts_url

    I am tempted to try to override this function by creating one with the same name in my theme’s functions.php file and then writing similar code to the original function except tweaking it just enough to generate the BP profile URL.

    Is that the right approach? Has anyone else done this successfully? Or is there a better way to achieve this goal? I guess I’m a little afraid that changing such a fundamental function might have unintended consequences. And advice or guidance would be appreciated.

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  • Calvin Powers


    The other thing I was considering was to try to put a redirect in .htaccess to redirect anything under /author to /members. I don’t know enough about the syntax of .htaccess to even know if that’s possible. But I’m gonna look into it.



    Did you have any luck with redirecting this?

    Please start a new thread rather than pulling up very old ones where you’re unlikely to get a response.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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